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Closet Organizing Tips and Product Ideas

I help a lot of people organize their closets and suggest many of the products mentioned in the article. My current closet uses: thin huggable hangers; shelf dividers; dream dividers; clear shoe boxes; storage bins for seasonal items which I label; floor shoe racks; behind-the-door shoe pouches, over the door hooks; jewelry hooks. And my prior closet used the hanging sweater shelf which made all the difference! This is an article to definitely read and check out the pictures of the suggested organizing items you can easily find on line or at Container Store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Walmart.

Consider using the closet rod extender if you don’t have a higher and lower bar already installed to maximize your space and group like items. Your blouses and summer shirts are most likely different lengths than your long summer dresses and skirts.

In my prior closet where I had less space, I was a huge fan of the cascading 
t-shirt hanger which they don’t mention.

The Shelf Divider is great for keeping stacks of sweaters (or linens) from toppling over and the Dream Divider is a similar concept inside a deep drawer. I have work out shorts on one side and work out tops folded vertically so one can see each color and style.

I’m a huge fan of the 
behind-the-door shoe organizer when you have non sliding door into your closet and enough room for the shoes to lay in front of the hanging clothing.

And the shoe racks shown in the article are great too. The concept is having a HOME for everything so your home can be cleaned up within minutes giving you a tidy place to live and stay sane amongst all the things life brings us daily.

Happy shopping and please reach out first to declutter so you’re housing only the items you need, use, and love. A seasonal swap using the tubs, under bed storage, breathable bags is definitely something I recommend — no matter the size of your closet. We can work together if you call me for a Professional Organizing session to help. This process reminds you each season of the items you haven’t seen in awhile; determine if they fit; if need cleaning/altering; if they’re your current style.

The Wirecutter: Closet Organizing Ideas

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