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Leaving cold weather for warmer Packing Tips for “snowbirds”

Hi all, I’ve been lucky to have a business that allows me to help my mom two winters in a row in sunny and warm Florida. Here’s a great article about a lifestyle I want to keep embracing and maybe you do too. But it does take planning, coordination, and a lot of organization to stay on tip of things back home!

Even though Florida might be warmer than Chicago, they still get cold spells. Plus, if you’re driving, many states will still have cold weather on your drives down to warmer weather and back up North so you need a combination of clothes for all weather. Layering is smart. And even packing lightly and visiting thrift stores for a few items you might need you can get inexpensively while you’re out of town.

Bring items for your hobbies and recreation like a camera, tennis racket, golf clubs, and a Kindle type e-reader is a great investment so you can catch up on your favorite books without carrying heavy hard or paperbacks! Bike rental should be easy to find so you won’t need to bring those on the back of the car.

Be sure to stock up on your medications but it’s easy to get a few months prescription sent to warm climates through national drug chains and super stores. This is where planning and organization come in to make sure you have what you need.

Be sure to have relevant documents and scan them to have them electronically. Bring your passport just in case you decide to take a last-minute cruise to Mexico. Put important documents, your house keys, etc. in a special labeled baggie or pouch and write notes to yourself on your phone and calendar to remember where you’ve put it since you won’t need many of these items until your return home.

If you’re traveling with pets, bring all necessary supplies. Many hotels along the road accept pets for the overnight while you’re driving South and then back up North.

Cooking implements/food per the article suggests getting a self-storage. BUT, I’m a bigger fan of finding a place to rent that has the necessary items; buying inexpensive items at a Family Dollar type store and then donating it (I got a decent toaster for $5); and emptying your pantry if you have room in the car to use up staples since they might expire by the time you return.

You also need to organize mail forwarding or get a friend to get your mail out of your box once a week and mail you important items as I do. Bring your laptop so you can stay on top of bill payments and put most on autopay which helps you stay on top of everything even when you’re back at home since life is always busy. Have fun being a “snowbird”. It’s the way to go if you can since life is short.

Rebecca’s Realtor article: Packing List forFirst Time Snowbirds.

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