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7 Steps to a Clutter Free Kitchen

Hi Readers, I spend many jobs working with people on clothing decluttering. But I would say the kitchen is second in terms of requests for my organizing help. Having a functional kitchen — especially if you’re a parent — is one area where you can improve functionality and reduce stress. This full article talks about:

1) Creating kitchen zones by task. Let’s say you make smoothies every day. Put all of your blender accessories, tablespoon, measuring cup AND your protein powders; chia seeds; flax; coconut flakes; etc. in the same cupboard or basket or drawer. Or if you bake regularly, have you ever considered putting the flour, sugar, oils (or boxed mixes) in the same vicinity as the sifter, measuring cup, whisk, cupcake tins and holders? It’s an interesting concept and frees up space in your dry goods pantry for items you only use with other specific baking sheets and pans.

2) Remember about Prime Real Estate — one of my favorite phrases. If you use an item all the time, it needs to be very accessible. I used to have a hanging grid with hooks on the wall right by my stove in my tiny apartment and put my colander, measuring spoons, and spatula on it so I didn’t have to search or get stressed to find items I used all the time. AND I kept the glass measuring cup on the counter in a corner since it was used several times a day for various tasks. The gravy boat and chili pot you only use once a year belong on a high shelf and use an index card on the door to label what’s in the back of the cabinet so you don’t forget!

3) Use a Lazy Susan in your pantry or a basket to contain spices, oils, medicines.

4) Get creative with organizing items that might be found at an office supply store — like a paper sorter to store trays.

5) Measure your space before you buy organizing items like spice racks, drawer dividers, shelving.

6) Your refrigerator needs bins and baskets as well. I keep my mustards in one and jams in another so when occasional items go into my fridge, they are not competing with my condiments, and I use them up and have room for my next grocery shop.

7) Get rid of what you don’t use that only serve one function. Be honest that you won’t use the pasta maker or fondue pot you got as a wedding gift and sell on Craig’s List or donate and take a tax deduction.

7 Steps to an Organized Kitchen

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