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Clutter-free living. Many satisfied clients.

Getting ready to move
I cannot recommend Terri highly enough! She helped me declutter and organize my condo for sale. Before she arrived, my hallway and bedroom closets were so stuffed with clutter it made the doors to the closets not shut. In just 3 hours, Terri helped beautifully organized my closet with bins that were labeled. She also taught me techniques how to keep organized going forward. I feel ready for the next steps in my relocation out of state.
— Heather F., Uptown, Chicago, IL

Unpacking at a new condo
I very much appreciate what you and your team did to unpack and organize — and you are so good at what you do! So fast and efficient and all those boxes unpacked and broken down in our garage! I’m glad we worked together so well. A weight has been lifted off my chest. I don’t think I expressed my appreciation to say thanks very much. I’d like to work together in the future and just get this whole place turnkey. P.S. The ladies on your team are lovely!
— Joan W., PhD, W. Loop, Chicago, IL

Packing up a City condo and unpacking and merging two households in a suburban home
Thank you for the absolutely AMAZING, THOROUGH, DETAILED and INCREDIBLY EFFICIENT job that you and your team performed, which FAR EXCEEDED our expectations!!! My husband and children feel at home, comfortable and like we are in a ‘chaos-free environment just two days after moving into this huge home because of YOU and your TEAM! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
— Mary O., Hinsdale, IL

Craft room cleanout
If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional organizer, maybe my story about working with The Chicago Organizer will help you decide to give it a try.

I was too embarrassed by my messy home to bring in a plumber to fix the faucets. Terri came to my rescue with energy, resources and an efficient system for sorting and organizing. We unearthed (and found a home for) the large number of my craft and quilting items which needed the most attention. We also came across out dated electronics which she took away for recycling.

We also found several service awards (tie tacks, charms, pendants, etc.) from my parents I was ready to throw out. Terri wanted her “metal guy” to take a look at them. End result, they were gold, and I got a nice check that more than paid for an organizing session with Terri!

In addition to a “metal guy,” Terri has a “computer guy,” a “donation pickup guy,” and a handyman. She provided several resources to keep me moving forward on the path to a clutter-free home. The progress I saw after two sessions with Terri has been a real motivator for me to keep going on my own.
— Susan C., Chicago, IL

Long time client relocated then remodeled
I first contacted Terri in 2012 when she and her team helped me relocate from one condo to the another in my same building. It is now 2018, and I have never forgotten all of her help so checking my phone contacts where I had her listed for 6 years, I reached out again for help through a major remodel. She is like a daughter/friend who makes going through and weeding out extraneous stuff more fun! She has such a great perspective in containing and locating items based on the way I use them. She always comes with supplies, takes my donations away, and arranges for pickups. She makes a lonely frustrating task more enjoyable and I have such a good feeling when finished. She is just a delight to work with!
— Cathy P., downtown Chicago, IL

Coordination for prior client
Used Terri and her team back in 2014 for relocation to new home in DC. They helped sort, declutter, pack items to be sent to family in MI, storage, donation, junk hauler, and to my new home. Complicated with a lot of moving parts! She had a great team assigned to pack me up. She also arranged for the various service staff and movers to load and deliver items to the various locations. What could have been a very stressful day, turned out to be a breeze because of her great planning and organizational skills. The vendors she subcontracted were all punctual and polite as well as very careful with my belongings.

Last month, I used Terri again to arrange for vendors to help me clean out my Chicago storage. She arranged for the junk hauler and book buyer. Once again, everyone was clean, neat, polite, punctual and efficient. I suppose I could have made these arrangements myself, but there was comfort knowing that if something went wrong, Terri would be there to help me with her “make it happen” personality. She knows her business, is reasonably priced, and I highly recommend her to help you with any organizational job — large or small.
— MM, Arlington, Va

Basement declutter by the team
I just wanted to say that your team members were the best organizers I have ever worked with! They were cheery and positive, and tackled a lot of dust in my basement. They are also very smart and did an excellent job! I have tackled several areas in my house since your team was here. It was great to have them get me started.
— Pamela M., Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

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