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Getting settled in a new home in one day
Terri and her crew helped my family with our move into our Lincoln Park home just two days before Christmas! With their help, we went from a truck full of all our worldly goods to virtually 100% moved in one day -- no unpacked boxes sitting around for months. Not only that, but because we were dramatically downsizing from a large suburban home to a townhome, we had to maximize all our available space. Terri shopped in advance for needed organizing products since we were arriving from Ohio the day before the move and lined shelves so the move-in was seamless. Four months later, all the work that The Chicago Organizer and her crew did in advance and on move day has stood the test of time.
— W. Kenworthy, Chicago, IL

Helping when clients thought they could do all the unpacking themselves
Thanks again for the tips and all of your help! We were so overwhelmed after our move and we feel so lucky we connected with you. You were a lifesaver that came to our rescue just when we needed it with only one day notice! It would have taken us weeks to accomplish what you and your wonderful team did in five hours. We appreciate how hard you all worked and how focused you were the day you helped us. You are excellent at what you do and I would highly recommend you to anyone! P.S. All the containers you brought for resale are still in use (they are great). I have tweaked things slightly, but appreciate the solid base you gave me to work with.
— A. Manelli, Chicago, IL

Whole Home Decluttering
Terri, The Chicago Organizer, was very helpful in guiding and motivating me to de-clutter and organize our home. With her help and advice I was able to donate more than 40 bags of books, clothes and other items; clear out many years of unnecessary financial documents and records; throw out about 30 bags of old and/or duplicate papers; and reorganize drawers, cabinets, linen closet, and other storage spaces. Terri was persistent in encouraging me to get rid of things, but also understanding and helpful in finding places for things I valued. We certainly have more space and better organizing systems after working with Terri. I have often quoted her observation that clutter represents delayed decisions and I remind myself of that as I continue to follow the organizing principles she shared.
— M. Nicholson, Chicago, IL

Storage Unit Clean-Out
I’ve been stressed about cleaning out my large storage unit for over a year and knew I couldn’t do it alone. I was impressed with the prompt call back after my initial email contact to you and how quickly I was able to get scheduled.

Even though it was chaotic while we were in the midst of it with the limited space in the storage facility hallway, it all ran so smoothly. You pulled out the boxes the movers stacked to the ceiling and gave me instructions since I was so overwhelmed. You two never stopped working boxing the items for donate and repacking the items to keep in storage and bagging up the items to bring home. I’m so glad I found my maternity clothes and specialty kitchen items I haven’t been able to use for a year! Arranging in advance for the very large donate pickup was key as well. And thanks for the bonus of taking the book donation over to Open Books and the peanuts to recycle to UPS. I would definitely refer your services to friends and was completely satisfied with the experience/getting the job done!
— S. Whaley, Chicago, IL

Mom couldn’t be in Chicago to help daughter
I want to thank Terri for incredible support and professional expertise in helping my daughter in Chicago get organized as I live in California. My very pregnant daughter and her new husband just moved into a new condo, and she was just overwhelmed. From the moment you answered the phone, I knew you were the perfect person to help my daughter get the baby’s room together and organize all the gifts from all the baby showers. And then take on the task of organizing her master bedroom closet and dressers. What I never imagined was that you would take her under your wing, use your own car, and take her to do returns and buy other items she was missing. You guided her and after a few hours, her anxiety lessened. She thought you were so professional yet so caring....perfect combination. Your rates are also very fair for all you do.
— N. Meyer for her daughter, Chicago, IL

Kitchen Organizing
Thanks for all your help — love my new kitchen! We just moved into a new home, and I was having a really tough time getting my kitchen organized. What I like best about Terri is she showed up ready to work with a very pleasant, upbeat personality and lots of energy. It was so nice to have a new set of eyes and an extra set of hands. Terri really helped me power through our three hours together and as a team, we were able to get so much done. The kitchen not only looks amazing, but is extremely functional and she gave me some great tips that I will also put to use in some other areas of our new home. I highly recommend Terri; she is a great resource!
— A. Roulston, Chicago, IL

Merging two households together: It all went very well!
The work you arranged ahead of time for the move-out in Hinsdale was very productive since we were merging two households of people who used to be married so had so much duplicated stuff. And helpful as the boxes were well marked when they got to our new place in the city for your team’s stellar unpacking job. You were an enormous help to us, and I appreciate your pro-active approach. If we ever move again, you’ll be on board for sure at an early time!
— D. Epstein, Chicago, IL (and Hinsdale)

Mail Pile-up
I am a busy professional and had a lot of mail piled up in several bags and boxes I hadn’t had time to open. Plus, I find it so boring I always found other things to do instead. For 5 solid hours, Terri sliced open envelopes; threw away junk mail; set up post-it notes along the table to categorize the mail she thought I should look at. That method made it easy for me to go through the various piles to determine what should get filed or recycled or shredded. She also assisted in creating an open file box system with hanging files with clearly labeled tabs for me to easily add current papers to keep. Terri kept up some conversation to keep me from going crazy with this horrible project I knew I had to do AND kept me focused and on task, and we actually got every bag and box dealt with which I never thought would happen!
— D.Golden, Chicago, IL

Clothes/Closet Organizing
I have a love of clothes/shoes and shopping. My apartment had gotten out of control because I’m so busy, and I needed another set of hands to help me and am so glad I called Terri. She works tirelessly and helps figure out how to start the process of the cleanup which I couldn’t do because of being so overwhelmed by the mess surrounding me. I decided to donate some items but more importantly, Terri helped me find room for most items and arranged themed closets, tubbed up seasonal clothes and put jeans and shoes on shelves we cleared out which I never would have thought of doing! She had a few inexpensive organizing products with her I gladly purchased and love the scarf/tights organizer she sells exclusively. Above all, I was embarrassed by the state of my apartment, and really hoping to find someone who would just help me find a solution. Instead of judging me for the obvious disarray, Terri was completely non-judgmental, made me feel comfortable and got straight to work! Exactly what I was looking for!
— K. Rhodes, Chicago, IL

Condo needed a tune-up
Terri has made such an impact in my life as I couldn’t even walk into my closets before a few sessions with her! She’s such a dynamo and works efficiently to get as much done as possible during the 3-hour session. She guided the process showing me how much I had which convinced me to give a lot away. She relocated items to various areas which I never would have thought of doing, and it makes perfect sense. And she climbs up and down the step ladder lugging things onto shelves which I never could do with my bad back. She gets so excited about empty shoe boxes — and I see why — they make perfect (and no cost!) organizers for light bulbs, office supplies, tools. And she’s such pleasant company to have in my home too!
— T. DuPont, Chicago, IL

Elderly father in Chicago with daughter out of town
After selling my home and relocating to a Senior Lifestyle Residence, I needed someone to oversee the organization of a much smaller living space. The Chicago Organizer with the great help of Terri and her team, have made my new home comfortable with easy access for both my personal and business needs I recommend Terri to everyone who wants the very best from a company in the organizing business.
— N. Weiss, Evanston, IL

Basic Packing to Unpacking
Terri, the owner, does an amazing job, and she is supported by the best people. From basic packing and unpacking to completely rearranging an apartment or home, or handling any technology needs. They are fast and efficient — shop for products or arrange your computer and telephone cords. You will love the neatness and ease she brings to your life. Terri was extremely supportive of my elderly parents handling the major move, and now returning twice a year at our request to re-do and rearrange as needs come about.
— J. Will, Los Angeles, CA

Single dad needs help
My girlfriend gave me a birthday gift of organization. What a fabulous gift for a divorced dad with two kids and way too much stuff in a small apartment! We never stopped working for 5 hours with Terri guiding me on the decision-making process of what to keep and what she should box for donate (or trash.) She found room on a hall closet for all the boxed games which I never would have thought of clearing out! She separated kids’ clothing by type so I could check sizes and styles and we ended up with 4 huge bags of clothes/shoes to give away. She arranged for a last-minute donate pickup which was amazing it worked out to get a large desk, armchair, dollhouse, toddler kitchen, rocking horse, and all the donate bags out of my small apartment making so much more breathing room! And she herself took several boxes of kids’ books over to Open Books to donate. I can’t say enough about the positive experience having Terri’s guidance and expertise (although tiring and hard work while it was happening — but absolutely necessary to do a big cleanout when things get so out of control.)
— Joel, Chicago, IL

Pleased with service received in Chicago
We are now in Texas in our new home. Our household goods finally arrived from the movers so I went onto Yelp to find a local organizer. Let’s just say you and your team in Chicago work CIRCLES around this crew of 2. They were here for 6 hours yesterday and didn’t complete my kitchen, by any stretch. Today we have been working since 9 am, and the kitchen is still a far cry from being completed. You work so much more efficiently and are true professional. I miss you and your crew. Thank you for your hard work when you helped us purge and pack for our relocation out-of-state.
— A. Levy, Texas

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