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Clutter-free living. Many satisfied clients.

Terri helps you get projects done!
I found Terri through a friend. She is a relentless organizer! I had her help me over four sessions and I know live in a completely different place. We hauled out 6 huge Hefty bags full of garbage and 4 huge bags of donations, as well as many items too large bags . . . framed and hung all my photos and kids paintings . . . organized and catalogued my kids school mementos etc. . . . re-did my closets etc etc. The biggest thing tyhat Terri brought to me was accountability — I simply wouldn't have ever done any of this myself. What a great hire and experience for me!
— Mike, Chicago, IL

Precise and efficient organization
My husband and I just relocated to Chicago. I met Terri Albert (because we have the same name) in the most serendipitous way. While doing a Google search for citations (that I had to report to my previous employer), her name popped up. I couldn't believe that Google knew I was in Chicago already so I clicked on the link.

This was so very coincidental as we had just moved and were totally overwhelmed--went from a 4000 sq ft home to a 1900 sq ft apartment. We thought we downsized enough but didn't. So, I said 'this is an omen', we called her and scheduled a Saturday appointment.

Terri is very precise and efficient along with being, of course, organized. She has an excellent way of adapting to your style of what and how much organizing you want her to do and how much you'd like her advice on and you'll do yourself. I know that because she worked with both my husband and I--we have very different styles and Terri adapted easily to both.

On her first day with us, she arrived and assessed our situation. I made a lot of notes for things to buy and where to install. She then spent time helping us go through and sort stuff--including taking several bags of things for donation. We bought and organized based on her instructions--then I ran out of time and Terri promptly bought organizing bins, delivered them, put items in them and coordinated getting my new file cabinets installed. She also labeled all the bins and, again, took a number of items for donation. Terri is also great about providing all the donation receipts for tax time.

In retrospect, I do not believe I would feel as settled as I do right now without Terri's amazing help. I highly recommend her services. Since I am also in a new job, being able to feel this settled in my new home has allowed me to completely focus on my job.
— Steve & Terri, Chicago, IL

Energy to lay out a new apartment and unpack boxes
I'm a typical guy in terms of (not) knowing how to pack boxes when I moved back to Chicago from NYC. Terri is AMAZING in how much energy she has to get the job done--which I can't stand doing--and she loves to do. She helped me get rid of the stuff I should have left behind so that it wasn't cluttering up my new apartment AND so that the next time I move, the process will be so much better/easier since I took the time (with her nice but focused approach) to get rid of my junk. She laid out my new apartment and unpacked all my boxes and helped me decide what to put in my storage locker. I was all settled in before my new job started. I'd still be living with boxes and frustrated I couldn't find what I needed and still clueless where the right places are to put stuff if I hadn't discovered THE (BEST) Chicago Organizer!
— Glenn, Chicago, IL

Organizing kitchen, cabinets and closets
Terri did a great job organizing my kitchen, cabinets and closets. She's fast and efficient and I'm happy with the results.
— Sheryl, Chicago, IL

Organizing amidst Life's chaos
Terri helped my wife and I during a very difficult time. I had just been admitted into the hospital the night before we were supposed to move. Somehow, my wife was able to soldier on without me, and that is when Terri enters the story. Our new place was in such a state of disarray, we needed some serious help--especially with me being on the mend. Terri came to our rescue! She helped us organize most of our space, offered organizing products to purchase, and even stayed an hour longer than she had anticipated! Outstanding--thanks, Terri!
— Andrew, Chicago, IL

Motivation + Environmental Awareness
Terri Albert does just what she claims to do. She gets the job done well and gets you organized. She also motivates you and is environmentally aware about recycling. She has resources and suggestions that really help about where to donate or who to contact about moving certain valuable items.

Terri helped me organize a storage closet that was a total mess to a functional, calm place where everything is in its place. She made it easy. I highly recommend her.
— Deborah, Chicago, IL

A decade of clutter removed
I found Terri by way of google and I am so glad I did. She is fantastic - she helped me pack up / dispose of 10 years of clutter to help me get ready for a move from Chicago to Denver. She keeps me focused, helps me make decisions on what to keep / buy. Without her this project would take months instead of days - guaranteed!! She's also super sweet and fun to be around, so that definitely helps :) Seriously, this professional knows what she is doing. Even if you aren't moving and you just need to declutter, she is fabulous - call her. Thank you Terri - you are awesome!!
— Michelle, Chicago, IL

Hands-on organizing with enthusiasm
Terri is a natural at organizing. Her enthusiasm and hands-on approach is motivating for a people like myself that need a person like Terri. She patiently and eagerly guides you through the overwhelming tasks that led you to finally call an expert in the first place.
— Scott, Evanston, IL

Clutter situations addressed
Terri did a great job organizing my basement and my storage locker, and I highly recommend her for whatever clutter situation you are dealing with. She was great at dealing with my emotional attachments to junk and I now enjoy a lot more space than I thought was possible. She's quick, efficient, sensitive and thoughtful!
— Robert, Evanston, IL

Energetic unpacking
Terri helped me unpack and get organized after a recent move from NYC to Chicago. I can't believe how much got done in a single day with Terri and her associate - it would have taken me weeks to get it all done on my own. She is completely reliable and super energetic, which is what you need when you're drowning in boxes or clutter.
— Shara, Chicago, IL

Understanding focus and clarity
Terri Albert is more than just an organizer. She has a real vision, and and an understanding of how better organization can help bring focus and clarity to one's life. Before she showed up I had made a few half-hearted attempts to straighten out the basement and cull through my voluminous accumulation of stuff. No matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't happen. After Terri came on board and showed me how to think about organization, something changed, and with her help (and about 3 weeks of work) I have finally gotten to a place I had dreamed about for years. Now I know where all the important stuff is, and the uimportant stuff is all gone. Terri is a godsend.
— Stuart, Evanston, IL

Overseas move
Terri was a lifesaver! Not only did I need to weed out WAY too much stuff to prepare for a move overseas, but also had to decide what to get out of the house before it was put on the market.

Terri came and listened and got to work. I have a hard time giving up my "things", but Terri was patient and kind and pushed me to make decisions which needed to be made. And together, with a lot of laughter along the way, we cleared the house of at least 20 - 30 boxes of stuff, most of which was given to a thrift charity shop. What was left was stored and labeled and organized...which made a huge difference in the look of my house and in my state of mind!

The happy result: my house looks so neat and pretty, I got an offer (which has since gone to contract) in less than two weeks - which is close to a miracle in this current difficult housing market. And I know it is in part thanks to the hard work Terri put into organizing my home.

I highly recommend Terri and her services.
— Vivian, Chicago, IL

Support and momentum when decluttering
I emailed Terri one weeknight after work and she responded by phone within about 2 minutes! By the following weekend she was helping me to sift through and organize 7 years of clutter in my walk-in closet. The day ended 4 hours later with 7 bags of clothing and 3 bags of shoes going to charity.

I'm very grateful for the support and momentum she provided to help organize my closet. I love being able to walk into my walk-in closet. If you're ready to take action NOW, you should definitely give Terri a call.
— Anna, Chicago, IL

Decluttering a condo
I am so sure that had I not met Terri, I would be nowhere near where I must be in decluttering my condo to show and ultimately sell it and move. The piles (hidden or otherwise) of everyday living stuff I've accumulated over the years is overwhelming.

Terri uses her energy, time and organizational skills so efficiently you barely realize all you've accomplished until you step back and absorb it. To me it's unbelievable but WOW - I'd be at square one without her help!!!
— Lori, Chicago, IL

Terri is a wonder woman
Terri is a wonder woman. I was resistant, didn't think I had much to get rid of and in two hours she had 10 large garbage bags of stuff. I haven't even missed all the things. And she made it fun when I thought thought it would be painful. She has amazing energy. Just a delightful experience. I HIGHLY recommend her.
— Barry, Chicago, IL

Getting started on procrastination
I had been procrastinating on a project to organize all the stuff stored in my basement. I knew I needed someone to get me started and to guide me and I'm very glad I found Terri. She is efficient and she has a lot of energy so we made great progress together. Terri has great suggestions for organizing (and she comes prepared with tools such as markers, labels, etc.) and she helps make the tough decisions on what to keep, give away, or trash. Her assistance also lightens the physical work as she jumps in to move boxes, organize shelves and bring bags/items to the garbage. I highly recommend her services!!
— Susan, Northbrook, IL

Unbelievable organizing ability
Terri has an unbelievable ability to organize. What appears incredibly overwhelming, Terri systematically tackles and creates manageability. I highly recommend her.
— Jody, Chicago, IL

Organizing for a move
I'm one of those people whose brain seizes up when I have to do stuff like shopping, sort through long lists, or pack to move. I know I need help with this stuff, so I hired Terri. She was fantastic. She kept me on task, worked with me, and made sure that the stuff I was doing was productive and useful. And while doing this, she packed stuff too. My move went very well, and I couldn't have done it without her.

And for those of you who actually have decent organizing skills, she can work with you too, taking care of stuff with you to make it easier for you.

I'd use Terri for my next move in a heartbeat.
— Martin, Chicago, IL

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