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Clutter-free living. Many satisfied clients.

Right-sizing for a senior
Terri Albert, The Chicago Organizer, is efficient, charming, a fast worker who helped me and gave some relief to my daughter as I needed to downsize, donate, sell and toss out when I moved to a smaller space from my 2-bedroom condo. She had so many resources: electronics recycling, donation pickups, online and local consignment, antique marts, book pickups. She then came to the new apartment to unpack including buying me items to organize my new space. There is no way I could have done this without her, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to downsize or just reorganize their home.

Speaking from the daughter’s perspective, after just having to single-handedly sort through my father’s life, Terri made what I had previously thought impossible, possible.
— Carol A and daughter, Chicago/Evanston

Office Organizing
We are very pleased with Terri’s work. She brought in a designer who helped reimagine our two-person office space making it much more efficient and attractive. Once we received the new office furniture, Terri helped us declutter and organize our files and supplies and purchased the right organizing items to make the space more functional. And she found a charity to take away our unwanted (huge) filing cabinets! The entire project was completed on time and within budget. I highly recommend her!
— Jerry Fuller, President
James S. Kemper Foundation
, Chicago, IL

Last minute kitchen unpacking job
All good things to say about Terri. I called at the last minute and she agreed to take the job to help me unpack my kitchen as I just moved. She is reliable, responsive, timely, and great follow-up skills. Further, she added value by motivating me and providing great consulting advice on organizing my kitchen. She doesn’t just unpack, rather she consults. Very hands on and drives for results. Hard working, but smart about tricky organizing matters.
— Judy B, Chicago, IL

Large home unpacking with a team
We’ve used Terri’s services a few times, most recently to unpack after this month's move when we only had 36 hours without kids to move and get everything settled. She and her team are life savers. 5 hours (more if you want) and basically your whole house is unpacked and organized better than you could do yourself in weeks!
— Anna K., Chicago and Oak Park

Procrastinator needed motivation
I was procrastinating on a declutter project because it’s so hard to get rid of possessions! Terri helped me dispose of the contents of a storage locker in one afternoon! (No more monthly payments!) She helped me decide what to keep, and what to dispose of and was an absolute tiger persuading her contacts to come that very day and remove items so that by the end of our session, the job was complete. She has so many resources — for old tools, books and more. She arranged for a charity pickup and drove musical scores to DePaul nearby as she found a contact at the music school who will use them for under-served schools. I’ll be calling her again for help!
— Laurel B., Chicago

Supervising the movers
Thanks a million for your help. Wow! You were invaluable. With Terri’s expertise and energy, she made our move organized and much easier. She helped us clear out the house before we moved and was a resource for organizations to take our collections. During the packing and moving she did everything from keeping the movers on task, to unloading boxes at the new place, to getting my husband’s study set up. With Terri, it was real teamwork — thank you!
— Ruth O’B, Hyde Park

Complete set up of brand new apartment
We had to get a new apartment set up and organized before my husband’s new job started. Usually Terri and her team like having her clients present but agreed to work with us remotely (we live in DC) so my husband starting a new job in Chicago could spend a final weekend with the family. She and her colleague worked so hard unpacking all the boxes and got the apartment completely organized and set up. They even ran the dishwasher and washing machine for the new items we had shipped there. And, walked over to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy the remaining items we hadn’t sent from home or ordered online. My husband had a completely functional apartment with the bed made and clean new sheets when he arrived the night before starting his new job. It was such a weight off my mind having a toddler and an infant at home and living in another state to get my husband’s apartment set up without me being present and without him attempting to do it himself!
— Aretae W., Washington DC

Single room cleanout
It took about 20 hours, but it was worth cleaning out my second bedroom which had become the junk room. I now have a home office which I could NEVER have done by myself. At each 5-hour session, Terri pulled boxes/suitcases/tubs out of the room and sorted items so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. She then guided me through the decision-making process; arranged for my huge donate pickups; and lugged garbage and recycling down the back stairs. I reviewed massive amounts of clothing I hadn’t seen in years; decorative items; memorabilia; books; Christmas items; office supplies; photos. Amazing how much stuff came out of that room and how overwhelmed I felt. Having Terri’s presence, guidance and hard work made me get motivated to finally finish this project!
— Christine Z., Chicago

A small job but just needed help
Terri is awesome! My place needed some serious organizing. I reached out to 3 organizers with the best reviews. Terri was the first to respond and the most professional. She helped me get my second bedroom organized and functional which was my goal for her visit. She brought some organizing products after reviewing pictures of my various cluttered spots. We got at least 6 hours of work done in about 3 hours. Money well spent.

She also gave me ideas for other areas of my place that were low priority but needed organizing too. My house now is completely organized, and I feel like a weight has been lifted! I’m very happy with Terri’s work and highly recommend her — 5 stars!
— Bethany D., Chicago

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