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City Condo De-Cluttering
Thanks for helping me de-clutter my sewing room by introducing several unique storage solutions. Additionally, thanks for helping me get my shoes off the bedroom floor, which has helped me find matching pairs more easily and speed up getting out the door. The task of organizing can be an arduous one. I appreciate your determination to get it done quickly and efficiently. And thanks for sharing an abundance of storage solutions and tips, which I can now share as a gift to others along my life's journey. For me, being de-cluttered makes the journey more fun and relaxing, and provides me with a lot more time. Your service has been a blessing to me.
— Deborah, Chicago, IL
The Chicago Organizer
The Chicago Organizer

This is one of the shoe racks I recommended to unclutter Deborah's condo.
— Terri Albert

Closet Organizing
Thank you very much for organizing my closets with me. I feel a whole new sense of peace. My closet was so disorganized. I was so frustrated because I was spending so much extra time trying to find things, and I was creating more stress to my already busy stressful life.

NOW that it is organized I know that can keep it organized. Part of my problem was I did not know where to put certain things and how to contain them properly an efficiently. You provided the solutions and systems in place so that I can maintain it. I would love to work with you again. WOW what a difference you made.
— Margaret, Chicago, IL

Week long pack/managed movers/unpack and organize
Terri helped me get organized a couple years ago when I bought new furniture so I called her again when I decided to relocate and had less than one week to pack up my home. After spending a week with Terri, I can confidently state that I couldn't have done it without her! She is a total dynamo! A few points . . . She got me to go through my old books in dusty boxes that I hadn't looked at in 5 years and convinced me to keep just a reasonable amount. She arranged for an Open Books pickup; she knew about contacting the Alderman's office to get tow zone signs so the moving truck had a place right in front of my new residence; she posted my moving boxes on Craig's List so all 175 of them, as well as the packing paper and bubble wrap, were taken away after the move. She managed the movers and then she and her team unpacked, and more importantly, organized my new home in just two days better than I could ever have done. I didn't unpack a single box. She shopped for products I needed so I could concentrate on work, my kids, and, of course, being available for Comcast! What a fantastic service!
— Mike, Chicago, IL

It's OK to ask for help!
In a BIG nutshell, Terri was the organizing godsend that I needed. I had toyed with the idea of hiring someone to help me out, but I could never pull the trigger. I convinced myself that I could get organized on my own with the help of organizing magazines and tv programs. I've been in my condo for nearly two years and I was still unorganized, and the more things I acquired the worst it became. Finally, I bit the bullet and started an online search for local organizers. I searched for a couple hours and landed on what I thought were wonderful success stories from some of Terri's clients. They described her as non-judgmental, task-oriented, friendly, and very efficient. On the day of our appointment I was nervous and not really sure what to expect. To my surprise, I had way more to organize than I ever thought or believed I needed help with.

Terri assessed my space, storage areas, cabinets, closets etc. We quickly became enthralled in a six-hour organizing affair. Terri kicked my butt. I had no idea the work it took to become organized. In fact, I had this idea that she would come in, wave a magic wand and everything would magically be in its place. Not so - this was a joint effort…one, that at the end, I was very proud to have joined. I have never been this organized in my entire life. This was well worth the investment! It's been several weeks now and I'm still keeping everything in its place. Everything, I mean everything has a home! And it feels great to come home and feel at peace. No more visible or hidden chaos. It feels good! Thanks Terri! I could never have done this alone and that's okay to admit. I needed your expertise and patience and you were right there step by step, cabinet by cabinet, hour by hour until the end. Thanks!
— Tange, Chicago, IL

Public Storage Unit Cleanout
I had a storage unit, stuffed from floor to ceiling with household goods/furniture after moving from a very large house in the suburbs with a full basement to a city condo. I really needed to go through it, but after 18 months of NOT doing it, I decided to call someone to help. Thank goodness I found Terri! She was on the case immediately, bringing her great ideas and resources. We set a date to go through the unit (in less than a week after I called her), but even before that, she made numerous calls and even listed something on Craigslist for us. We spent six hours working hard, with the help of two strong guys moving furniture for us. I ended up donating a truckload of usable items/furniture to charitable organizations, and I am happy others can put everything to use. Terri made a list for me of the donated items, obtained tax receipts and organized it all. If you have a big job you think is impossible to tackle, call Terri. She'll find a way to get it done!!
— Katey, Chicago, IL

Downsizing to a much smaller home
Where do I begin? I had to downsize from a 9,000 sq ft home to a 2,500 sq ft home in two months time. I could not have kept my sanity if Terri didn’t help. She pitched in, she provided places that I could donate my items so I didn't stress and move things I didn't need. When I would call freaking out she would move her schedule around to help me. Thank you Terri!!
— Kristie, Chicago, IL

Putting a home on the market
Terri was referred to me by my sister who raved about her services. I needed someone to help me de-clutter our house to get it ready to put up for sale. Also, I have some back problems, so I was limited in how much lifting I could do by myself. Terri came to my rescue. She helped me to tackle what seemed to be an insurmountable job. It's amazing how much you can get done in just a few 3-hour sessions. Terri helped me to determine what items should be (a) donated, (b) kept, (c) thrown out. She helped me pack, box, carry and store our things. She also helped me to organize our new de-cluttered closets so they would show better. Terri provided an invaluable service and I would work with her again without hesitation.
— Lisa, Chicago, IL

Condo storage unit de-clutter
Terri is terrific - she is smart, fast and super hard working! We had my storage unit looking better than it has in years - with extra space now! It went from an overpacked, stuffed disaster to a roomy and spacious spot in one session with Terri.
— Melinda, Chicago, IL

Emotional time but had to move
I could not have a accomplished my reorganization and move without Terri's professional help. I was moving from a three bedroom condo, I had lived in for 20 years, to a studio apartment. I had tons of paper, clothes and "stuff" to sort through. I needed to determine what to throw away, what to shred, what to donate and what to keep, all the while being mindful of the small space I was moving into. This was an emotionally trying time for me and Terri was there to keep me on task, focused, and to provide support, compassion and understanding. We worked side by side and she instinctively knew when I needed to take a break or call it a day. You will make the right decision when you hire Terri as your professional organizer. She wastes no time and gets the job done.
— Kathy, Chicago, IL

Home Office Organizing
I was drowning in papers in my small home office. I decided that I need to get a system in place and organize my work related info once and for all and began looking for a local organizer. I considered 4 different organizers but ended up choosing Terri because of her enthusiasm and sincerity on the phone.

Well, I spent 3 hours with Terri and boy, what a difference! We concentrated on getting things in their proper place so that they are easily retrievable and intuitively placed. She had great ideas for improving my workspace and a ton of little tricks that make a big difference. What struck me most about Terri was her energy. We began working at 6pm after a long days work, but she brought out great energy in me to get things done and organized. We got a LOT done. Very happy with my experience.
— Jake, Chicago, IL

Unpack and Organize
Terri and her coworker spent the day helping us settle into our condo in the city. She arrived promptly and ready to energetically get me unpacked. I had originally thought I should put off her assistance for a day because we moved on a Saturday. I actually didn't think she would work on a Sunday but she does. I was pretty tired from the move the day before but she kept me energized and focused. It was so nice to have the kitchen completely organized along with much of the master bedroom. She also helped my 16 and 22 year old daughters come up with a plan for sharing a bedroom for the first time ever! I am naturally a pretty organized person but moving and unpacking can be overwhelming to anyone. I couldn’t have been happier with the progress we made and fully recommend her services!
— Jeanne, Chicago, IL

Kitchen Organizing
Terri arrived right on time and with knowledge, supplies, and a lovely smile. Within a few hours we had turned my very messy kitchen into a well organized and efficient place. On day two my home office and master bath have also been transformed thanks to Terri's guidance and hard work. She is a joy to work with, and saves so much time coming with organizing products you can use. I will definitely use her again.
— Susan, Chicago, IL

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