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Refrigerator Organizing

You can utilize bins and lazy susans and beverage dispensers inside your fridge and freezer to keep items organized and look nice too (which means you’re more likely to maintain the organization) and find what you’re looking for!

The list below shows 12 simple steps:
  • Empty all the contents
  • Wipe down all surfaces (and consider washable and waterproof liners to make future cleaning even easier!)
  • Reassemble and add a deodorizer. (You’ll need something better than baking soda. For 2021, HOMIKE Refrigerator Deodorizer is the recommended product.)
  • Then you need to do your research as different foods should be stored in different places in your refrigerator — some items on the upper shelves, some on the lower shelves, and different types in the doors and drawers.
  • Upper Shelf: store leftovers (this article shows a genius idea of an EAT ME FIRST bin for leftovers and fruits and vegetables that need to be eaten. Also, drinks can be stored on the upper shelf, yogurt, cheese, deli meats.
  • Use lazy susans so you don’t forget about items hiding in the back of your fridge. And use available wall space to mount a basket with suction cups for items like cheese sticks or small hummus cups.
  • Lower Shelf: Keep raw meats below ready-to-eat foods and enclosed on trays or Tupperware in case they drip.
  • Keep like items together. You could have a bin for sandwich or smoothie ingredients, herbs, sauces. And be sure to label!
  • Get creative with using clear file organizers to store snacks of yogurt, hummus, cheese, veggies or drink pouches.
  • Use curtain or shower rings (or S hooks) and clips to hang bagged items of lettuce or shredded cheese to remind you to use them up.
  • The crisper drawers are humidity controlled so certain items do best there and best to learn more about the settings. Get a pack of drawer dividers (yes, the same ones used in your dresser in the bedroom!) and separate lettuce from carrots and apples from kiwis. Line the crisper drawers with paper towels to collect moisture and make clean up easier.
  • Doors: Condiments do best in the doors and label each section with like items (sauces, sandwich ingredients, spreads, etc.) Here’s a cool idea: Use an egg carton to store bottled mustard, ketchup, mayo, dressing nose first to avoid having to shake and wait! Keep a lower shelf for children’s grab and go snacks if applicable in your household.

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