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Jewelry Organizing Tips

This article suggests first inspecting your jewelry before you start organizing it to make sure all pieces are in good shape or worth repairing or you should donate or even toss some items. And best to store it all near where you get dressed as the best way to ensure you might accessorize your outfits as it does take some extra work which is why many of my clients have lots of jewelry that they don’t take time to wear.

Special storage is needed to keep your items from being a jumbled mess. With their varying shapes and sizes, different items might need to be stored separately. Long necklaces will require a much different storage solution than small earrings, for example. Take advantage of wall space; counter space; inside of a drawer; and behind a door.

Designate a shallow drawer in your closet or bedroom if you can for storing jewelry and please check out the full article for the great pictures to get you inspired for your own project! You’ll want to get an organizer with separate compartments to sort rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces separately so you can see everything you own and they will be easily accessible and not tangled with other items. And stack the organizers if possible to get even more in the jewelry drawer.

Check out garage sales for vintage items like a frame with a mesh screen for dangling earring storage. Or pretty vintage dishwear can store rings or bracelets.

The more accessible and visible for your jewelry collection, the more likely you’ll wear your items. Put hooks up on the wall to store your necklaces and keep smaller items on your nightstand so you have a safe place to drop earrings, rings, other jewelry before you go to bed or take a shower.

Each of your items should have it’s own spot in specialty jewelry holders that will ensure they will not get misplaced, lost, broken or inadvertently tossed. If you see your treasures, you’ll remember why you purchased or were gifted those items to honor and respect them.

Necklaces do best to stay untangled when they are hung up individually on hooks.

Get creative with your jewelry organizer compartments like a painter’s palette, ice cube trays or the box from a box of valentine’s day chocolates!

You can use a good-looking desktop organizer for your dressing table or bathroom vanity to be able to store earrings, keep items from breaking or going missing, and keep necklaces stored without tangling.

Protect your fine jewelry and special occasion items inside special jewelry organizing boxes shown in the article’s picture.

For chunky bracelets, big necklaces, fashion rings, use a hanging jewelry organizer with pockets to hang from a clothing or curtain rod.

The article suggests labeling each compartment so you can put your favorite pieces back in their proper places. Many stores sell drawer inserts with compartments and slots that will be perfect to separate each pair of earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.

Another DIY option is to cover a cork bulletin board with mesh or fabric or metal screening and attach a frame to create your own customized jewelry organizer. You can use pearl-headed pushpins for holding necklaces and hook dangling earrings through the openings in the screen.

Another great picture in the article is the wall-mounted jewelry organizer to put in your dressing area/bedroom so you can accessorize where you get dressed.

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