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Linen Closet Organizing Tips

If you’re lucky to have a dedicated linen closet in your home or apartment, please spend a moment reading through this article as most homes we work in as Professional Organizers have neglected this space, and it has great potential! When you have guests visiting, you will enjoy finding matching sheets and be able to easily find guest bath and hand towels. You may want to incorporate labeled storage bins or baskets to be aesthetically pleasing.

Containment of items is essential for organizing in most closets and this article provides great pictures with suggestions of attractive solutions. When you have narrow linen closet shelves, you can stack nice looking bins next to linens for a look like you’ll find in department stores!

Work with what you have — reuse and repurpose bins and baskets you already own. Storage containers do not always need to match. If you stack your linens by category with gaps in between, you’ll create a tidy look.

This article shows examples of incorporating décor within your linen closet in between linen or baskets of health and beauty items. Perhaps a porcelain bowl or hard cover books could beautify the space.

Labels will make your linen closet impress yourself and others every time you open the door if you label your containers with a classy label and font. And rolling vs stacking will change your look and feel of the space as well.

This article suggests that using neutral colors like grays and whites is best for a calm looking space. And opting for natural materials for your containers (wicker and rattan) might complement the calming aesthetic. However, don’t go beyond your budget as you can certainly find nice looking bins in plastic.

Please spend time sorting and categorizing your blankets, pillows, sheets, towels by type. If you arrange and stack or roll or contain by groups, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. And when you take the time to work with a Professional Organizer on your linen closet re-organization or do it yourself, think about which items you use the most and put them on the most accessible shelf in the closet.

And here is a great tip. If you end up with empty spaces on the shelves once you’ve decluttered and organized, you don’t need to fill it up. You might end up with items in the future and it’s nice to have some breathing room.

Store complete sets of sheets by size including pillowcases and guest towels (face, hand, bath) for the most ease when your family and friends come to visit.

The linen closet often includes overflow health and beauty items so the best suggestion is to use plastic bins to contain shampoo bottles, cough syrup, etc. If anything spills, you can easily clean it up.

You might want to add vertical dividers so stacks of towels look even more streamlined and tidier. The article shows built in dividers but you could use stand-alone shelf dividers as well:

Your own taste preference is the most important. You might want to get fancy with a large budget for matching rattan baskets to contain items. Or, you might prefer stacks of sheets and towels based on family member or your eclectic style.

Interior decorators suggest grouping items in twos and threes so consider rolling three towels and grouping it with two stacked pillows for a unique look.

Pillow storage is always a bit challenging so a trick is to place pillows on a top shelf in the linen closet vertically instead of stacked. It will prevent them all from toppling down when you need one and gives a new look to the space to the stacked sheets and towels.

Creating a new look and maintaining your newly organized linen closet can be rewarding. Keep only your neutral colored sheets and towels, group items in sets, invest in a few nice baskets and you’ll be happy you took the time to reclaim your space!

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